One for the books

This past Sunday Derek and I took a road trip down to Portland to visit my family and meet my new niece, Cassandra! YES my sister named her first daughter, Cassandra and I'm BEYOND honored. I feel like I've lost in a billion times. My emotions that is... not the baby. My oldest nephew Julian is a bit confused having two Cassandras in his life now (and understandably so!). When my sister was leaving the hospital after having baby C the nurses asked Julian what his little sister's name was. He said, "Auntie!". Then he told my d that he hopes Auntie gets big again. He thought I had turned into a baby! OH I'm so lucky to have these little ones in my life. They are so funny, sweet, cute, and much to Derek's sanity keep my baby fever at bay. It really was such a wonderful day and I can't wait to visit them again. 

If you ask Cameron if he is a "Shy guy???" He will drop his head to the side and smile at you. Adorable. Even with bed head. NO! Especially with bed head. 

But the real show stealer this time 'round was this one...introducing, Baby Cassandra!