Spring cleaning

Every year around this time I wake up with the gusto to rid my home and life of any unnecessary or unwanted things. Purging, I believe they call it. This annual, sudden urge often occurs on a day when I wake up and hear a bird chirping. Like a call to my interior design senses, that chirp and it's hint of Spring fuels me to embark on a whole upheaval of my surroundings. I feel the need to downsize- to get rid of the unnecessary and unhelpful. How is this tacky acorn candy dish bought from a thrift store in a moment of unclarity helping me right now? GONE! Cat...stays! Strange nicknacks from Christmas that haven't been put up in the past two holiday seasons...GONE! Boyfriend-stays. I stand in my room throwing whatever I find into piles: Trash, Goodwill, Keep.

As you can imagine my boyfriend Derek SO looks forward to this time. The last time he caught me in an stage or 'purge' he slowly backed away from the situation with a forced nonjudgmental face.

But I go on. Only hindered by my dust allergies, I barrel through the debris of the past year. 

I sweep up the dust, scurb off the grime, peel the layers away and prepare for a start fresh. 

PS. A first look at a photo shoot I did recently to celebrate the season of spring!