A few things that I learned in March.

The month of March can be quite a doozey of a month. For us Mainers it is the final hurdle of winter before the little glimpses of Spring emerge to reassure us that brighter days are in fact, ahead. Poor March...It gets a bad rep, but even the most dismal of times can be times of learning? Am I right? SO here are a few things that I picked up on during these past 31 days. 

 1. March is the hardest time to commit to a diet with all the girl scouts and their girl scout cookies hanging outside of EVERY establishment that you are required to enter and conduct business in. Not only that but they bring their mother's along as business commerads and those ladies just look you STRAIGHT in the eye when hustling their delicious goodies and then don't even pretend to not pass judgement when you tell them, "perhaps I'll buy some on the way out". I mean... I had planned to anyway, but now it's like if you don't you're ruining a young girls confidence for the rest of their lives. SO much pressure in that little box of thin mints. 

2. It is AMAZING how much a few fresh flowers in a mason jar can brighten my day.

3. Being stuck inside with my beau, watching movies on On Demand, dining on ordered in pizza, while trying to get him to make out, and dodging cats is NOT the worst thing in the world by any means. I guess March isn't THAT bad. On to April!