DIY: Marquee Letters

I'm a big ol' fan of DIY projects that are inexpensive, don't take a whole lot of time, and are -of course- pretty. Joining the wedding industry has opened my eyes to many more levels of the pinterest-sphere and the DIY possibilities are endless! One trend that I saw and instantly fell in love with was the use of Marquee letters at weddings or as props in sessions. I made a set of my own and fulfilled a life long dream of seeing my name in lights. I love sharing my DIY adventures so you'll find a brief tutorial below. This is a super easy idea, but I think it could add something really special to your event or session. Make sure to follow me on PINTEREST to see what else inspires me! 


What you'll need: Cardboard letters, paint, paint brush, exacto knife, pencil, lights.


STEP 1: Use exacto knife to cut off the front piece of each letter. 

STEP 2: Take out the cardboard inserts from each letter. 


STEP 3: Paint!


STEP 4: Use a pencil to draw evenly spaced dots on the back of each letter. 


STEP 5: Use exacto knife to cut an X over each pencil mark. 

STEP 6: Punch white lights through the Xs.