Alice in Wonderland

When I was little I used to LOVE to play dress up. Scratch that- All my life I've loved to play dress up and I'm pretty certain I always will. Luckily I know a lot of people who are willing to play with me. I can't really remember how the idea for this shoot hatched, but I do recall texting JayMe and asking her if she was available. Then I remember her texting me back and saying, "Yes... what is your idea thematically?" and then I thought... I've got to come up with something good. SO then I said something smooth like "OH well... I have this like... tea set hanging around and I thought we could use it", all nonchalant like I wasn't really excited even though I was really into where this idea was going. It was like setting up a date in jr. high. And then she said, "OH! I have this purple sequined dress... we could do a sort of little girl playing dress up type-of-thing". And that's where I lost my cool and was all, "ALICE IN WONDERLAND! TEACUPS! CARDS! WHITE RABBITS!". And Jayme was all "That's my favorite story of all time!" And then a match in photography heaven was made. We ended up having so much fun together at the University of Maine's oriental gardens on campus. Thanks for spending the afternoon playing dress up with me JayMe!