The new man in my life.

Let me introduce you to the new man in my life, Mr. Mark.

Just take a moment and breathe that beauty in...

I know. I know.

He arrived on a Saturday via a man in a lovely brown suit. As the man passed him over to me we had a moment. He understood the gravity of this transaction and I did too. Yes, it was that dramatic. Since then it's been total and utter bliss. He does what I want, when I want, without hesitation.  Too often will Derek walk into a room to find me and my camera alone in a  state of deep passionate trance. Ok yes I'm getting weird now, but this is the camera body of my dreams people! While I do believe that it's not the camera, but the person behind it that creates images, the canon 5d Mark iii is a favorite among wedding photographers and I'm so excited to bring this amazing tool with me to my future sessions and weddings. I've already done a portrait and engagement session with Mr. Mark and both have left me thirsty for MORE. By the way- did you know I'm shooting weddings. Yes I know, of course you do. Your mother probably does too with all the plugging I am doing. But yes one more time.... I'M PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS THIS SUMMER! Since I put that fact out there my summer weekends have been filing up! I'd love to get you or someone you might know whose getting married in on my 2014 introductory rates so please contact me ASAP if interested.

Have a great day!