Easy DIY Christmas card tutorial

Today I'll be sharing how I made my Christmas cards for this year. The method was super easy and the materials you need are minimal. I only bought a spool of green ribbon, two packs of detail appliqué, and some blank cards and envelopes. I had a pencil, pen, and pair of scissors at home and I bet you do too! 

STEP 1: Freehand the top of your tree with a pencil. Place it in the center of the upper portion of the card front. I marked mine with a star.  I then based the outline of my tree with this as it's center. Mark out the tree by drawing sets of two of lines, four times with the distances between growing toward the bottom of the tree as shown below.

STEP 2: Erase marked tree topper. Go over the lines with the shape blade of the scissors. Bearing down over the pencil marks, cut slits. 

STEP 3: Open the card and start threading the ribbon through the inside. I needed to enforce the slits to open them wide enough for the ribbon to fit through. 

Threading it so the front looks like this: 

STEP 4: Continue threading from the inside of the card to the front until the ribbon has gone through all the holes.

STEP 5: Knot off the ends and cut with scissors

STEP 6: Turn card to front and add appliqué as desired. 

STEP 7: Add tree topper! 

Optional: Add a message!