Around the Apartment: Holiday Edition

Everyday has felt like Sunday for quite awhile, but Sunday only just arrived now. I've awoken these past few days with a sort of calm only reserved for Sundays. I asked Derek more than once yesterday, "Are you SURE it's Saturday?" To which he replied, "Yes" and then I would recount that it was in fact Saturday because yesterday I attended Caitlin and Ryan's boxing day party, which I needed to get a shift covered at the bar to attend and I only have one shift a week at the bar and it falls on Fridays. So the day before HAD to have been Friday making that day Saturday and then I would agree with Derek that it was NOT Sunday, it just felt like it.

All that to prove to you that things have been calm and lazy in a blissful Sunday-way for days. We've been marathoning, GIRLS, which we picked up from the library on Christmas Eve (insert here- A little spark of small-town pride that my public library carries awesome television series such as, GIRLS) and enjoying our apartment in all it's holiday glory. Heres a little glimpse of how we have kept things in the holiday spirit including our FIRST real tree!