November Little Things

November was good to me. But so was June-October. We're on a pretty good run here. So without further ado- some things I'd like to remember from November. 


1. Our first snow storm of 2014. It was cozy and sweet. The power went out and FORCED us into town to the only establishment offering heat, food, and drink- My little Tap Room that could. More in this blog post. 

2. Derek's birthday. Man do I love my boo. 

3. A weekend trip to Boston to visit my great friend, Caitlin. We went hard the first night and then needed to take the other two nights to relax and recoup. I guess it does get harder with age. 

4. My work space. I've been trying to turn a corner of our tiny apartment into a creativity fostering, organizational mecca. It's a work in progress.

5. Photographing the Delta Zetas and their dates before their winter formal. The support I got from Delta Zeta in college was unparalleled and to think that years later they are still supporting me and my business makes me so proud. 

6. Black Friday shopping. This past black friday was only the second time I've ever participated. I'm not a big shopper. I don't even really like it. But SALES... A good sale on something I need will get me out of bed at 6am. I also participated in Small Business Saturday so please don't get all disappointed with me! 

7. Maine is killing it right now. I worried a lot about winter and what the frigid weather and barren trees would offer for a backdrop to sessions. I know it will get colder, but I love knowing that my 2014 season went out with a bang of freshly fallen show, love birds and holiday flair. 

Now for December!