Gratitude is something I strive to practice in everyday life. It is what I credit for getting me out of my deepest of lows and bringing me to my highest of highs. It's hard to stay sad while taking an inventory of what I appreciate.  SO on today, the epitonmy of gratitudular celebration, in no particular order, a list of what I'm grateful for at this moment: 

-That my laptop turned back on after spilling water on it. 

-My friends. They are awesome.

-The babies in my life. Julian, Cameron, and Baby Cassandra. They make me smile, remind me of whats important, and much to Derek's sanity, keep any baby fever that might creep up on me at bay. Also their mother, uncle, and grandmother are pretty great.

-The group of Maine photographers that I've had the pleasure to meet and bond with. I've met quite a few this year who have been more then generous in their advising and encouragement. Also they are really cool and fun to be around.

-That after my laptop turned back on, it all of a sudden wouldn't turn back on, but then... it did. We are really touch and go right now. 

-For the basics. My basic needs are met everyday and that makes me one of the fortunate people on this planet.

-I'm currently sitting on my living room floor typing this while watching last weeks SNL, Bruno Mars is killing it, and a serious storm is coming down outside. It's pretty perfect. 

-Bruno Mars. 

-My feline friends, Logan, Molly, and Sophie. Working from home most days a week, I've developed a whole new appreciation for their companionship. We have talks in the lunch room during break. Gossip you know. 

-My Boo, who after crying to him about my computer that wouldn't turn on, budgeted for the months to come and figured out how I would be able to get a new one. He is the most caring, strong, funny person I know. 

-All the people who trusted me to capture their most important moments. It blows my mind how far Cassandra Henri Photography has come in a year and I know it's because of these amazing people.

SO yes... I'm really fortunate and I love to recognize that. 

I hope you too can stop and appreciate all the good and eat a TON of food. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

<3 Cassandra