the first snow.

The first snow storm of 2014 to come to these parts came and boy... it CAME. Winter usually sneaks up on us in a gradual/building sort of way. This year it came at us full force from the get go in a, "You-don't-even-know-me" kind of way. Derek and I woke up and glimpsed out at the freshly fallen snow and immediately got skeptical. This looks like it's trying to say something.  This snow meant business. It was FALLing. It didn't look like it was going to stop. We opened all the window blinds in our bedroom and just watched it from bed. The cats joined in too and we had a little family moment then POW, the power went out.

Derek and I decided to go into town for brunch, but our usual brunch spot was out of power too. We looked around a little bit (all of the 6 restaurants in town you can see from one spot) before realizing that the only place with power was the Tap Room. I've had a part time job at the Tap Room for about three years now. I love working there. The locals are great, the hours are good, there are only seven of us that work there and we are a close, tight nit group. Let me tell you when you're a part of a group of people that usually find themselves standing between hungry people and their food, you lean on each other. 

We went in, ordered some food and people-watched as slowly more and more people filed in with the same heat and food seeking mission. The place was running on a generator, but the TVs still were out so we started playing card games. It was pretty great and felt like community. Everyone huddled in one spot trying to get their basic needs met was humbling and a bonding moment. I love my little town of Orono and my little Tap Room that could. 

Follow me on instagram yo! @cassandrahphoto

Follow me on instagram yo! @cassandrahphoto

Derek and I played card games for a few hours and ate a LOT. People cheered when the power went back on and booed when the satellite couldn't get the game. Some college students brought Monopoly. I beat Derek about 4 times at Spit. Then we went home when we knew the power was back and watched SNL. A great first snow in my opinion. 

Welcome snovember!