Julianisms: Holiday Edition / 002

This past August while I was driving with Julian to his favorite restaurant of all time, Bugaboo Creek, he asked me if it was going to snow that day. "Nope. Sorry buddy. It probably won't snow for about 3 months". He brought his hand to his head in obvious exasperation and said, "Every DAY I ask and EVERYone always tells me it will snow in 3 months". SO... Julian has been waiting a long time for snow to show up. He has been spending the past few days with Derek and I in a sort of Auntie-vacay. We have been enjoying the snow and the season so much during his visit. To celebrate that here are a few of my favorite recent Julianisms. Our first round of Julianisms HERE Your welcome. 

To my sister...

Julian: I brought you a cracker, but I was just kidding. 


In Wal-Mart picking out a new trash can. We went with the really shiny one.

Julian (in complete awe): This one is purrrrfuct. 


When he first woke up one morning. 

Me: What would you like to eat Julian?

Julian: I just want a pumpkin pie ya know? 


While sledding for the first time with his awesome new sled. 

Me: Did you name him? 

Julian: Yep. His name is Albyus. 

Me: Where did you get that name from? 

Julian: It's my sled's name.


To Derek at dinner, 

Julian: You never say, What's that?, to me. 

Derek (not hearing him): What's that?

Julian: tee-hee-hee


While waiting for me to finish up some work before we go for a walk. 

Julian: Auntie... 

Me: Yes Julian?

Julian: Can we go now? 

Me: Just ten more minutes ok? 

Julian: Ok... but how about four minutes?


AND NOW: Ways in which Julian seems more adult then I. 

-He no longer gets generally hungry or thirsty. He only gets hungry or thirsty for certain foods and drink while I will eat practically anything that's in front of me. EX: Me: Julian are you hungry? Julian: I'm only hungry for Bugaboo Creek right now you know? 

-He will NOT make a promise. If I ask him a question, like if he will let me know if he needs to go to the bathroom he will say yes, but when asked if that is a promise he says, "I can't promise". I find this incredibly honest and mature because really... what CAN people 100% promise anyway?! Chew on that for a bit. 


My sister sent me these phone images of Julian's Thanksgiving Cookbook that he made at daycare. 

Excerpt reads: I'm having pizza, chicken nuggets and green beans and french fries for Thanksgiving". 

Excerpt reads: I'm having pizza, chicken nuggets and green beans and french fries for Thanksgiving". 

Excerpt reads: I want to say about chocolate...eating...I love chocolate". 

Excerpt reads: I want to say about chocolate...eating...I love chocolate". 

So yes... SNOW. Julian is LOVING this snow. He and I walked into town yesterday and he brought along this old measuring spoon of mine. He would collect snow in it and drop it at different stops along our walk. When we got back he brought the spoon with a scoop of snow onto our porch. I told him that it couldn't come inside the house and assumed that he threw it outside. Later that night while I was on my computer and he was playing with his trains he went out on the porch and started lightly tapping on the window next to the kitchen table where I was working. I opened the curtain and found him smiling from ear to ear with the most mischievous grin at me. Then without breaking eye contact he slowly lifted the spoon, NOW full or water, into the window frame. After realizing what he'd done and how proud he was of his sneaky-ness and his fascination with turning the snow into water, I just lost it. The he lost it and we were both hysterically laughing on either side of the window. My camera was near me so I snapped a few pictures. He then went to drink it and I pleaded with him not to. He still kept on smiling... while I was powerless on the other side of the window.

It has been a blissful few days of sledding, gingerbread houses, and Elf on repeat. Oh how I love that heart throb of a nephew of mine.