October little things.

Just some things I'd like to remember from October. 

1. Julian's visit. Boxtroll hunting at night with him and Derek, which was basically us going for a walk and slowly approaching upon every street sewer until we were right over one and Julian whispered, "I SEE one", then we'd run along the side walk until we spotted another sewer. Also that his favorite color right now is grey and he claims his favorite kind of doughnut is vanilla. 

2. The closing of my first official wedding season with Olivia and Joe's wedding. 

3. UMaine's Homecoming festivities.

4. This song. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance. One of my couples used this as their first dance song and I LOVED it, but didn't know the title or who it was by. Months later while sitting in a coffee shop editing I heard it playing and quickly googled a few lyrics. 

5. Spending a night in a hotel during my first work trip. Felt pretty baller in that Super 8 with HBO! Yep. H. B. O. 

6. One of my 2015 couples was really hoping to get some of the Maine Fall Foliage in their engagement pictures but the groom was working in a different state and wouldn't return home until late October. So while traveling back to Maine from New Hampshire for another session, I stopped along the way and collected the brightest colored leaves I could find to bring home, wax, and make into a garland. I had a moment while on the drive where I thought, this kind of thing is my job now. I am so lucky.

7. Derek heading out for work. His new job has been going well and I love his snazzy ties. 

8. Derek's Halloween costume. He went as Snapchat Ghost! 

9. Amy Poehler's book is amazing. 

10. Walks through Mount Hope cemetery with crunchy leaves and Sushi at Yoshi. 

Thank you October you were kind but I'm ready for a month with more of my kind of festivities. I love the dressing up and fun of Halloween, but there's only so much blood and gore in the weeks leading up to it that I can handle. Doesn't there seem to be more of it this time around? Now that it's November I can watch Elf as many times as I want without judgement and start decorating the apartment for my favorite season. I hope you had a Happy Halloween! Here's to November!