Baby Cassandra

One beautiful baby coming your way... 

AH! Just look at her. That there is my first and only niece, Cassandra Ohana Davis and she is a STUN-ER if I do say so myself. My sister has this knack for making beautiful babies. While traveling for work last weekend I was able to stop in and visit my sister and her children. Leading up to my visit, the day before, I had traveled two hours to photograph a wedding in Saco, drove back up to Orono for Homecoming, slept, drove to New Hampshire for an engagement session and then was just wiped. It's hard to remember to rest when everything you're doing is everything you've dreamed of doing and makes you so happy that you want to keep going. I decided to spend the night in a hotel instead of driving back to Orono. The next morning on my way home I stopped in to see my sister and her babies. I took Baby Cassandra outside for a few pictures and it was like my wild pace came to a stop when I locked eyes with that little one.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend with nothing but a go-go-go mentality and then just WOSH! HAULT! What stops me in my tracks but this little one with the glowing eyes and bright smile giggling at me from a pile of leaves that I placed her in for pictures. I know Baby Cassandra?! I know! How silly am I, sticking you in leaves, but this is the kind of thing I can only do when you are young. If you were a teenager or adult this would be weird. And It was like she GOT it. She saw me with my hair a mess and a crazed "what's next" look in my eyes after a busy weekend and just laughed at me. As if to say CALM DOWN Auntie Cassandra, we've got leaves!  You crazy lady take a moment and breathe! 

At least that's what I took form our exchange.

My niece Cassandra, the stunner.