Things that made me happy this week.


-I made a hot chocolate bar!!! 

-Derek's story about his childhood swimming class. He only ever made it to the 'gupee' level. He was a GUPEE! Dawgh....

-My list of 2014 weddings to photograph is growing! Can I just say to you ladies and gentlemen that I'm so honored and excited to be not only present at your special day, but to capture all those moments for you to look back at for the rest of your lives! I can't wait! 

-A friend sent me this:


-While watching Monster's University with my nephew Julian he pointed out that the mother monster who was doing laundry was 'like Gammie', that the mother monster who was quilting was also 'like Gammie', and that the monster who took the picture of the other monsters was, 'like you!'. YES! Like me :)

-The coy looks I got from this baby boy:


-This weekend I have plans for a good old fashioned sleepover with some amazing ladies after some serious bridal gown shopping for one of my 2014 brides, Amy.

I hope you have an amazing weekend yourself!