Five For Friday

Hello! Welcome to my weekly series, Five for Friday, where I hope to give you a small glimpse of my life behind the camera. While I love showing you all the pictures I'm taking of all the beautiful people I know and meet, I'm very excited to show a little more of myself on this blog. Every Friday I will present to you five pictures that are meaningful to me. I believe that photography is a form of celebration. We take the pictures we take so we can remember and celebrate the moments for what they are. Here are some things I would like to celebrate right now. 


A preview from Molly's session that I'm not so sure I can wait until next week to share.


Tiny fingers and tiny pumpkins.


I've decided that it's time to create a space out of my bedroom that doesn't resemble an extra large dorm room. I've convinced my boyfriend to let me create it around this lovely tea set I found at a thrift store this past summer. 


My cat, Logan, LOVING my new sheets. 


This picture of the images I took of the beautiful Bernazzani family printed and framed on their living room wall, just about made my life! Thank you so much for sending it Jen!


Have a great weekend!