Five For Friday

Derek and I had a lovely little Thanksgiving at our apartment yesterday. It was a deliciously lazy day where we woke up, cooked, ate, took a three hour nap, woke up for round two, and then indulged ourselves in a mini Breaking Bad marathon. This weekend my mother, brother, and nephew Julian will be visiting for a mini 'left overs Thanksgiving'. I also have two sessions scheduled and I'm excited to do some shooting in (fingers crossed!) the snow that is on the weather forecast for Sunday. Here are some other things I'm happy about right now. Have a great weekend!

My DIY Christmas gifts are really coming together. I've even claimed a small bit of my living room as a work station. 


Our Thanksgiving table set up.


Cats and Christmas lights.


I can't wait to smother this little one with hugs and kisses on Saturday.


This ring shot from Amy and Roscoe's engagement session that I blogged about earlier this week.