Giving Thanks

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Oh WOW do I have some many things to be grateful for this year. There's the obviously AMAZING, never-take-for-granted-things like ...home, health (boy did that one throw us for a loop this time round'), family, supportive and amazing boyfriend, good job,  but this year I feel like I have something extra and actually kinda BIG to be thankful for. And then I feel that I'm so extra fortunate to have these obviously amazing things and then something extra on top of that!?! What?!?! Who am I to deserve this? So I'm just sitting here overwhelmingly grateful. Aren't you glad you caught me at this time? Anyway... this BONUS thankful... it's something new and exciting and unexpected.  

You see, I am a dreamer and this year I've realized that it's much easier to be a dreamer when you are surrounded by kind, honest, supportive, and inspiring people. Thankfully I have a plethora of those kinds of people in my life and have met so many more this year. So THANK YOU! Thank you to anyone that read anything I wrote on this here blog. Thank you to anyone that let me into their lives, even for just a small amount of time to capture their moments. Thank YOU for inspiring me to dream bigger.

Happy Thanksgiving.