Maine Wedding Photographer/ Best Wedding Images of 2017

Portland Maine City Hall Wedding

Now for my absolute favorite post of the year (or last year ;) ). Before we get any deeper into 2018 I need to take a moment to reflect on how amazing 2017 was for me and my business. Every year I feel like I grow and last year I felt like I shot up! And not just in my photography, but in my sense of business, in my personal life, in my general approach to most things. It was a year of growth for sure and getting to look back makes me appreciate the journey! In 2017 I shot my first destination wedding in Puerto Rico! I met so many awesome families that welcomed me and gave me the confidence to really do my own thing. Every wedding I've photographed I've walked away remembering how much I love doing what I do. I shot at new venues, new locations, and took more risks. I owe a huge debt of gratitude for the couples that went on these adventures with me. So without further ado here are my favorite images from my 2017 wedding season. Thank you so much for having me along CHP couples! It was a dream year. 

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Acadia National Park Proposal/ Emma and Jason

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And now for something so so special! I'm happy to finally share the proposal of Emma and Jason! Jason contacted me a few months before he and Emma's planned trip to Bar Harbor Maine. Emma was running in the marathon last fall and Jason planned to propose to her while on the trip! I literally shriek every time I get a proposal inquiry. After my first one two years ago (that of Anu and Tahira HERE) I was hooked. It's like a thrill ride and I love getting to be a part of it. Jason and I communicated back and forth about timing and location and eventually decided to do the whole thing on Flying Mountain in Acadia National Park. We picked Flying Mountain because of it's view and it's easy accessibility. For such a short hike to the summit it has a stunning view. I arrived early the day of and made the 15 minute trek up to the top. After looking around I picked our spot and waited. There were very few people on the mountain and once Emma and Jason arrived it was just the three of us. When we saw each other we said "Hi" as strangers do and Emma then bolted to the other side of the mountain. Jason asked her where she was going and she replied "I wanna look around before sunset!". He then turned to me and mouthed "one second" and went after her. It worked out that we were the only three up there because when he suggested they have someone take their picture they had to return to my corner of the summit. In our planning Jason and I decided that I would cue his proposal by taking a picture with his camera when asked and then saying "Perfect!". Our plan played out and I quickly switched to my camera to capture the proposal! Of course Emma said YES! She was so surprised and they were so happy for the remainder of our session. Thank you so much Emma and Jason for having me photograph your proposal. Congratulations and happy wedding planning!!! 

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A photo everyday of 2018/ week 4

Wow! Week 4 down and all the days documented. Honestly I'm a little surprised I've made it even this far. I have a big fear that one of these days I'll realize it's 11:55pm and have yet to take a photo. So far so good though and I'm loving even more that I committed to this project the deeper we get into it. I had a moment on Saturday when driving home from the gym. I turned onto Maine street and quickly recognized the man and child walking along the road as my Derek and Julian! They noticed me driving and I stopped to let them in. Julian was so excited to show me the valentine coloring papers that he had just picked up during their stop at the post office. He ran up to my door and waved them in my window. I urgently rushed him to get in the car since I was in the road, but I loved that little moment of excitement over something so simple. It was so sweet and pure and now having an image of those papers will keep that memory fresh in my mind every time I look at it. It was a great week for moments and here are mine from week 4 of 2018.

owner with cat

January 22nd 2018 "Boop"

working late

January 23rd 2018 "Working late"

kid brushing teeth

January 24th 2018 "Get the tongue"

just a kid from maine

January 25th 2018 "All our superheroes" 

kid eating snow

January 26th 2018 "Don't eat the snow!"

postal service valentine papers

January 27th 2018 "Post office valentines"

maine lifestyle photographer

January 28th 2018 "warming up"

A photo everyday of 2018/ week 3

Week 3! It was another week of mostly staying inside for us. Although I love Maine winters I'm really not built for this kind of cold. We've continued to find things to do inside our home and have been enjoying each other's company and that of a few visitors. I've also been anticipating the start of warmer weather with a few more 2018 wedding bookings (3 just last week!). I'm loving how this project has kept me practicing in the off season and learning new things. Until next week! Stay warm! 

kids reading together

January 15th 2018 "Reading with Bella"

kid doing homework

January 16th 2018 "Do your homework"

kid in covers

January 17th 2018 "Covers"

create wall hanging 

January 18th 2018 "Create"

jack and the beanstalk

january 19th 2018 "Julian's favorite book"

glow in the dark stars

January 20th 2018 "Julian's stars"

whole 30 diet

January 21st 2018 "plans"