Photographers in Maine


I'm Cassandra Henri. I'm a Maine wedding and portrait photographer located in Bangor, Maine. Photography is my passion. I love capturing special moments.

Why people were initially inclined to take photos and why we take so many today fascinates me. I think at the core of it, taking photos is our chance to stop time. Even for only the timespan of a click of a shutter, we want to capture that bit and hold onto it forever. Many times this is during those 'life moments'. We want to stop time when we're marrying the love of our lives, or during such an exciting time as Senior year. I know I wish I could stop time constantly when I see the clothes that my Julian wears get smaller and smaller on him before going to the thrift store. This urge to photograph isn't reserved for the happiest of times either. Newspaper photographers want to stop time of sorts of situations and be able to say, "See, this happened". Wether for joy or news it's all proof of a moment gone. Time goes by so fast and the best we can do this is to snap away. Unfortunately this makes it hard to be present, which is where I come in. I love and take great pride in my job. As the curator of the images of your experience I feel an huge responsibility that I welcome.

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My style focuses on a natural light, candid moments, and the details that tied together, tell your story. I try to make each image as beautiful as the actual moment. I appreciate a good set of formal portraits, but otherwise enjoy capturing your day or session as it unfolds.  a

I love my job. I love getting to do something I'm so passionate about and I love getting to meet amazing people through it. I love capturing moments for people to hold onto. My job is the most magical job on Earth, because I get to stop time.